The Pigs


Alisha was actually the first non-poultry animal we purchased after moving to the farm. She is a blue-butt sow. Blue-butt is a commercial breed and originally we didn’t want to purchase her for fear she wouldn’t thrive in an open-pasture setting. We were planning to pick up a different pig, but it wasn’t available when we got there. Lucky us! Alisha might just be our personal favorite. She has such a laid back personality, and although she is now around 700 lbs, she is gentle enough for even the smallest farm visitors.

Alisha and her 2019 litter of 10

Alisha and Isaac

A great momma! Alisha made a perfect high and dry nest, well hidden from the rest of the farm animals

We also kept the top gilt (young female pig) from Alisha’s 2019 litter. Patty was the prize of the litter and will be having her first litter 2021. She has great body type and displays much of her mother’s personality traits that we love so much. Because our farm is open for visitors of all ages, we don’t just select stock based on production value. They also have to have great personality and a calm disposition. Patty has all that and we are looking forward to seeing what she produces for us!

Patty enjoying having the feed pan all to herself